About H&M Taxes

A Family Business

Charles WildermuthH&M: The Discount Tax Service is a family business for three generations. Charles Wildermuth, our grandfather, began doing returns in Olney after WWII. Each return was individually typed and glued—that’s right glued—staples were too messy. Today, computers and laser printers replace the glue and typewriter, but the concern for excellence remains the same.



Professional Service

Our goal is to give you the very best professional tax preparation. The key to that is seasoned preparers that use the latest in computer technology and software. The computer enables them to search for every possible deduction with maximum accuracy. At H&M you walk away with a completed return.

Personal Service

Our long-standing customers tell us that one of the most important things to them is having the same preparer year after year. We have very low turnover among our preparers because we pay them more than double what the Leading Preparer pays. We even provide you with the preparer’s contact information so they can be available to you year round. Or, our manager will take care of your concern at the office.

Our Certification

We are a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and authorized by the IRS to file electronically.