Our Tax Services

Federal Taxes

We do over 2,800 returns every year. Our experienced tax professionals hunt within the tax code for every possible deduction. No return is too complicated.

  • Small Business Returns: We do about 250 small business returns each year.
  • Overseas Returns: The tax code is very complex, when it comes to establishing overseas residence. Let us help you save hassle and money by doing your overseas return for you…even if you are overseas.
  • Rental Properties: We routinely handle rental properties from simple one-unit duplexes up to multi-unit apartment buildings.

State Taxes

We are equipped to do all 50 states. In addition to Pennsylvania returns we regularly do
New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland, New York, Ohio and other state returns.

Local Taxes

We handle all the local municipality returns including the complex Philadelphia Business and Net Profits Tax Return.

College Scholarship Forms FAFSA

These forms are as complex as your Federal Return. Let us fill out your College Scholarship Forms for you. Getting all those numbers together is a real headache. Let us take that pressure off you. The due date is March 1.

efileElectronic Filing

We are authorized by the IRS to electronically file returns.