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HM Taxes


We Discount Our Price, Not Our Service.

We advertise that our prices are “40% Less Than the Leading Preparer”, but they are actually closer to 50% Less.

How do we compare?

price comparision preview.PNG

How are we able to have
such a low cost?

  • Low Overhead. We rent existing office space.
  • Low Profit Margin. We make our money on volume.
  • Charge by the Form. We charge by the form. If we are not able to use a form, we don’t charge you for it. The price varies with the amount of forms used.
  • Work by Appointment. Working by appointment saves us the cost of round-the-clock staffing.
Tax Service Pricing


No cash? No problem! With a Refund transfer, we can take our H+M Tax Preparation Fees directly from your tax refund (processing fees apply).